Saturday, December 29, 2012

Preppers and the real world

I'm sure many of you have heard of the show "Doomsday Preppers".  Some of you may think, "Those people are crazy!"  Some of you may thing they're geniuses, others may be somewhere in between.  Doomsday is indeed something to be prepared for, but I would say we should always be prepared for an emergency.

Just think of the events of this last year.  We had the Super Derecho come through from Ohio to the East Coast leaving destruction in it's path.  Downed trees and electric lines were the norm.  We also had Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.  There was a severe drought in the Midwest that will be affecting food prices this winter.  I could add to this, but frankly, I shouldn't have to say anything more to get the point across.  We need to be better prepared for emergencies.

Today, I went to the grocery store to get some food.  What I found is the best reason to prepare for emergencies by purchasing food products from Shelf Reliance.  We will begin selling Shelf Reliance this year.  It is a quality, freeze dried product with a very long shelf life.  It's not just something to save for an emergency.  You can use it everyday.  I just used some the other day, actually.  I was out of sour cream and it was time for dinner.  I pulled out my can of sour cream, added water, and...  Voila!  Problem solved.  Here are some pics I took at the local grocery store today.  This is just from a few possible inches of snow!  I didn't even check the toilet paper.


Milk Cooler


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