Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall is Here... Already?

So the end of August is here.  School has started in many areas.  The nights are a bit cooler.  The days a little shorter.  Football is starting.  Fall is just around the corner.  It's closer for some than it is for others.

So, as some of you read this you are thinking "hunting season!".  Some wives are saying, "Oh man, hunting season".  Either way it's coming soon.  It's time to prepare for it.  We have the new hunting regulation books at the store.  We have plenty and if we run out I can get more.  Thing is, it's your responsibility to know those laws, so come by and pick one up.

It's a good idea to come for your license now instead of waiting the day before hunting season.  It will be easier on you.  You do not have to come here to get a license.  You can get one online on the DGIF website.  We'd love to see you, though!  We are also a check station.  We will be opening at 8am on Saturday mornings in the fall for those who need to check in early.  Free coffee will be at the store for those who want it.  Let's face it, at 8am, you want me to have a lot of coffee in me to function!

This is the time to get your bow, rifle, muzzleloader, and crossbow sighted in.  Any repairs needed can be done with plenty of time for hunting season.  Do you need arrows or fletching?  How about something as simple as new nocks for your arrows?  We can order arrows, but we don't keep them in stock.  We do keep glue, fletching, nocks, and even field tips in stock.  We also have broadheads.  Maybe you need to go out and cut back some brush where you hunt.  This is the time to get it done.  Get your hunting clothes out and clean.  Get some scent on them.

Trout season will start in October.  Do you need to re-line your reels?  How about maintence on your reels?  We can clean them up for you and get new line on them for you.  Stock up on Powerbait and tackle.  We will be getting mealworms and nightcrawlers in as well.

Finally, September 29th is youth hunting day.  You can find the information about it here:
Hunting education classes have started as well.  You can find the information for those classes here:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Olympics...

I have a confession to make.  I LOVE the Olympics.  I love to sit with my family and watch them.  I know that these people compete all the time, but there is something about the pageantry of the Olympics that makes it special.  I mean the host country and city puts it's best foot forward.  People are hyped up to break records.  Mainly, there is such a source of national pride during the Olympics!

Who couldn't be moved while watching Gabby Douglas win the gold last night?  Or, watching Phelps enjoy his last moments in the Olympics by winning a gold and getting teary eyed as the National Anthem played?  Or, the many athletes who have won swimming events when no one gave them a chance?  Just watching the joy and exuberance on their face is... well... heartwarming. 

Yes, heartwarming!  I know it's cheesy, but really, isn't it what we want?  There is so much in the news and world to make your heart, not just cold, but shiver.  Here in the US before the Olympics began, we had a man who was purely evil decide to kill people in a movie theater.  One of the swimmers in the Olympics goes to school in the very town it occurred in.  We need to cheer.  We want to cheer.  We want good news.

So for two weeks this August, my family and I will be screaming for the home team.  We will watch with awe as people from all over the world do things that takes years of training.  I mean, have you seen those table tennis players?  You could put an eye out!  I couldn't even qualify for that in the Olympics!  Once it is over, I will go into sports depression, but not for long!  Football is coming soon!

I leave you with Gabby's smile- HEARTWARMING!
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