Saturday, December 22, 2012

What is Christmas?

I know as a retail sales person, I should be saying Christmas is about the gifts, but honestly, I know it isn't.  I know it isn't about Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  It's not about who gets the most toys.  I know it is about family and friends.  I know it is about cherishing the things that are the most important to us.  I know it is, above all things, about salvation.

This year could have been a very tough one for me.  Multiple people in my family have been in major car accidents.  One was yesterday, in fact.  By God's grace, they all came out of the accidents safe and sound for the most part.  Yesterday's accident was actually a miracle in that no scratches- none at all, were had in an accident on a major highway!  I had a very good customer pass away this year.  I've seen many families struggle, some so much that they have broken apart.  I've had friends and family in and out of the hospital.  I could easily be discouraged if it wasn't for one thing, I know there is more to life than this moment.

I know we are living for eternity.  I know my customer is with God in heaven and one day I will see him.  I know God has a purpose for each of us.  Mainly, I know he has given me the gift of salvation through His son, Jesus who was born as a baby and ultimately gave his life for me.  I know that as tough as life can be, he's walking with me each step of the way.

So this Christmas, I choose to rejoice.  Not in the economy, the political atmosphere, the gifts I am receiving...  I choose to rejoice that God knew me before I was born.  That I can pray for people who come in my store and share their joys and sorrows with me.  Mainly, I can know that no matter what happens to me on this earth, I will one day be in heaven with the Creator of the universe because of the "Christmas story".  Because, God sent his son to reconcile man to him.  I leave you with a link about the song "I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day".  Longfellow knew there was more to this life than the pain he was going through.  He knew that one day, there would be Peace On Earth!  May God bless you with that knowledge this Christmas.  May you know him more that you ever have this year.  Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Here's a link to the song as well...

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