Thursday, February 28, 2013

You're Out of Touch

The news sure does hype up information!  Right now The Sequester is the huge story.  Frankly, even though it affects my family directly, I'm all about the government having to cut some of their budget.  Seriously.  We all have had to in the past years, haven't we folks?!  It never ceases to amaze me how much the government, and the Washington press corps,  is out of touch with the rest of the country.  Here's a couple things that our leaders and the press can't seem to grasp:

1- You can't call something a cut in the budget if it still increases for cost of living.  That's like me saying, "Instead of buying a Mercedes, I'm buying a Cadillac!"  I'm still getting a luxury car either way and you are still increasing your spending every year!

2. Most of us work hard for a living and we DO NOT  get a raise every year.  In fact, many of my customers have taken pay cuts in the last 4 years.  Some have even lost their jobs.

3.  You are paid to do a job.  None of you are doing it.  I do see the House has offered a budget for the last 4 years.  Maybe that is because their jobs are on the line every 2 years.

4. Stop blabbing and making more laws.  Start enforcing the ones on the books.  Seriously, the gun issue is just one topic in a long line of laws that you already have on the books and don't enforce!

5. Members of the press, start doing your jobs and stop propping up the people you agree with.  I grew up admiring the press because I thought they weren't afraid to tell the truth.  Those days of admiration are far gone for me.  Oh, and stop hiring former politicians and talking heads to do shows.  Aren't there some people from journalism schools that need jobs?

6. Media- Go back to your roots!  Who, what, why, when, and where.  That's it.  We don't need your editorial input.  Find some people who love to investigate and tell a story.

7.- Get out of DC and the cities once in a while and meet the rest of America!  Meet us all, rich and poor, from all areas of ethnicity.  We have a lot going on in our lives and it doesn't center around you guys.  People like Mike Rowe because he's willing to get out and work their "Dirty Jobs".  People don't like you for the most part because you're full of hot air and most of you have no idea what it is to get your hands dirty and sweat!

Friday, February 1, 2013

What Can Freeze Dried Do For You?

Well, I finally started my journey selling Shelf Reliance products.  I had to write "my story" for my new Shelf Reliance store page.  I thought I'd share that with you all here.  If you are interested in buying some products please check our page here Woods Sporting Shelf Reliance Page

My story is a simple one.  I am an everyday person.  I'm not a "prepper".  I'm not a health food fan.  I'm not all the things I hear about typical people who store freeze dried foods and have emergency supplies.  I was first introduced to Shelf Reliance by a friend.  Later some members of my family bought these great 5 gallon containers with sealed lids.  I thought "That's a great idea."  So I ordered some to buy bulk sugar and flour.
We have had a small emergency supply for years.  Nothing big- some MRE's.  We have always kept a supply of water as well.  A few things happened to change my mind on these matters:
1- I started seeing canned foods with food from countries that do not have high standards of cleanliness or safety.  I don't want my family eating junk.
2- The dive in the economy has me concerned.  Food prices are not going to go down.  Matter of fact, it seems they are going up daily at times.
3- We had a major windstorm come through our area.  Electricity was out for some people for over a week.  We were fortunate, but this brought to mind the fact that all the meat and veggies I had stored in the freezer would be gone.
4- We are crazy busy as a family and I think we waste too much food on last minute purchases or going out to dinner.

So, as a family we have started the Q.  My hopes are that this will be, not only a storage option for us, but also a healthy option.  The Thrive foods aren't only good for you, they taste good too! I believe I can put together meals with the Thrive foods and save money.  I also own a small sporting goods store and plan on carrying some of the Thrive items, as well as, emergency supplies in the store.  There are some great items for campers that are carried by Shelf Reliance also!

If you are interested in Thrive foods or the emergency supplies, please feel free to contact me.  If you have any questions about how Thrive can work for you as a food option, I would love to answer them.  There is a tab on the top of this page that says contact.  Just click that to get started.