Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ok, guns....

If you are a fan of our store page on facebook, you probably have already read this.  For the rest of you, here is my response to the president's speech on guns today:

1- The government's invasiveness with doctors on this subject should be a warning flag to us all. If they will get in your business in this area, they will in others.

2- Everyone in America needs to read the Constitution. **We give away free copies of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence here at the store and have for years.

3- Criminals do not follow laws, hence the term "criminal". Law abiding citizens are the only ones who will be affected by more laws.

4- Please stop sharing and forwarding false information. You are not helping your cause no matter what side you are on. Snopes and other sites are also not always accurate. Take the time to investigate yourself. If you find something in multiple outlets, it's probably true. Just make sure it's not the same story printed by different outlets.

5- The NRA is being demonized for standing up for gun rights. They bring up a lot of good points, for instance, many of the people promoting gun control/banning have armed protection for themselves. If you don't agree with them there are plenty of organizations that are pro-gun that you can join- Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Sisters are two.

6- Finally, God is in control. Do you grasp that? If these are the end times, are you ready to meet your Creator?

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  1. Points well stated. Thanks Staci!