Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tebow- yeah I said it!

I have watched the entire Tim Tebow saga with delight.  From the time the young man came out of college, all we heard is how he could not be a NFL qb.  ESPN has basically went on a crusade against him.  Now the naysayers are actually starting to eat crow.  I guess it's hard when you are the expert on the NFL and you dropped the ball with Tebow.  Sometimes it's not about the throwing motion mechanics, or the time it takes to throw the ball.  It's about heart, drive, the intangibles...  There have been a lot of guys the NFL draft experts have loved.  They have been busts.  Here's a list of the top ten draft busts in the history of the NFL:  I know I'm no expert, but it seems a few things are needed to be a pro and clearly he has them.

Discipline  I don't think you are going to see Tebow skip practice or come back to camp the following year out of shape.  I can go on a full rant about some NFL players who have done both.  My favorite team, the Redskins (I know, I know) had a player named Albert Haynesworth.  Maybe you have heard of him?  He couldn't even pass a conditioning test to start camp last season.  The test basically consisted of running back and forth to some cones in an allotted time period.  Yeah, I would expect that I couldn't pass it!  This guy is supposed to be a pro.  Tebow is known for his training.  He worked the whole off-season between the last football game and the draft to change his throwing motion.  I also don't think you will hear about him out in the club at 3 in the morning involved in a shooting.  Just sayin...

Knowlege  The guy is a student of the game.  If he doesn't know something, he will work on it.  Time after time you hear about him watching film, asking questions...  Brett Farve was a great qb, but I've heard stories of him blowing off watching film.  Knowledge is great, but there is something else that propels him to the NFL level that many players are lacking.  It's my next point...

True Leadership  He is a leader in many ways.  The guy never gives up.  He encourages others to be better.  He makes promises he keeps.  Look at the change in the complexion of the Denver Broncos.  They went from straight up losers, to winners in the midst of a season.  People want to follow someone they can trust.  Someone they can believe in.  This is what I mean about promises.  This is why the Broncos are winning:

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