Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Cheap Christmas???

I have a friend from high school who posted on Facebook that she purchased all of her gifts this year at a dollar store.  After laughing hysterically, I posted to her about it.  She just basically said that Christmas was going to be about gifts needed in this economy.  She had wrapped the gifts and put them in a "grab bag". 

I was updating our store page on Facebook a couple days after my friend's announcement.  I was posting about some of the products we had that were under $20.  As I was listing items, I started realizing, you could really shop well in our store if you wanted a gift that was less than $20.  The thing with any gift you buy here, as opposed to the dollar store, is the gifts you buy here can help you!  They will help you catch more fish, get into shape, hunt better, and even bring the family together!  We have fishing supplies like hooks, lures, bobbers... all under $20. 
How about a first knife for a son, or daughter? We've got those under $20.  Want to get your kids outside to play while finding out how truly out of shape you have become?  (No judging here!  Already told you in a previous post that I am there myself!)  How about a Wiffleball and bat combo?

See, the local dollar store isn't the only place to get a deal!  You may find just what you want here.

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