Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Robert Griffin THE Third...

The other day while I was riding in the truck, I was listening to the local sports radio that carries a certain unnamed 4-letter mega sports channel.  The host of the radio show was complaining about RG3 and how much press he was getting.  The first thing I did was scream, 'Then shut up!".  Of course, the radio did not relay my message of wisdom to the host and he kept speaking.

You see, the host's mega channel as been promoting Robert to the inth degree.  Robert has been the first story in every broadcast for the last few months.  For example- Robert says he wants to play.  Coach Shanahan says Robert can't play right now.... In depth coverage with our NFL insiders to follow in a few minutes.  What do the insiders say, you ask?  Well, basically that Robert wants to play, but his coach wants him healthy.  Ahhh, Duh?!  Robert's knee brace was off when he came out to practice!!!!  Oh the humanity!  Do we have a clip of that?

The host was also lamenting that Robert had a documentary on the 4-letter mega sports channel.  REALLY?  It's your channel!  Go to the network and say, "Enough is enough.  We are not reporting any more about Robert."  Isn't the fact that he is complaining about the documentary bringing publicity to said documentary?  Seriously, give me a break.

So in the spirit of complaining about sports figures and the fame they are being given, I have a list for the 4 letter mega sports channel, which I will now refer to as ESPN.

1.ESPN,  I am tired of you building up people, to only tear them down.  The list is too large to mention, but lets just name RG3, Tebow, A-Rod and Johnny Football (ok, so the last two may deserve the tearing down part a bit) to start out with.

2. I want to know what is happening in the world of sports.  I want to see replays of key plays in games.  I want to know who is getting signed by whom.  Who has been cut.  I want to watch live sports.  I want SPORTS STUFF!!!  Lots of it.  Stop the blabbing.

3. I do not want to see any more chickified stories about "so and so" or "what's their name".  Stop playing stories with the slow sappy music and people crying.  Please reserve those for news programs or Oprah's next interview.  I want to see home runs and run saving catches, football hits and touchdowns, NASCAR crashes, basketball winning shots, and of course GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLSSSS!!!!!!!!  If I want to be moved to tears, I can watch The Notebook.

4. Lastly, keep the politics out of sports.  The thing is, sports is a getaway from the stress of the real world.  I don't want to know about any politician's prognostication on the Super Bowl, the Final Four, the World Series... You get it.  They are politicians.  Most of them have never been athletes.  If you really want to mix it up, go to B-Dubs and get your normal guy or gal watching the game to give their pick.  It would probably be a lot more entertaining.


  1. Oh my goodness--you and Aaron are cut from the same (wonderful) cloth!!!

    1. I talked to him about this the other day and we got a chuckle out of your comment. Then we went on a rant about the 4 letter sports channel and hype! Hahahahaha