Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th, Conspiracy Theories, Radical Islam, Freedom... Or, Simply Put, What is Going Through My Head Right Now.

As I was reading everyone's posts on Facebook this morning about the September 11th attacks, something just hit me.  Maybe a couple things hit me, not just one.  First,  we live in a world of constant information. The majority of America saw the attacks happen in real time, BUT, there are people who say it was a facade.  A giant conspiracy.  The government did it.  The Jews did it.  Whatever people come up with, it's ridiculous.  The Boston bombings are recent in our memories. There was the same conspiracy theory reactions to them.   Are we at the point in life that we believe what someone wrote on a computer more than what we see and hear with our own eyes?  Yeah, this is a real still photo of the plane hitting the building.  Unfortunately, it did happen and to far too many people it was their last day on this earth.

I think we do this for a reason. I think we don't want to believe there is that kind of evil in the world. We want so believe we are all good and want the best for each other. We don't. We want what we want.  These radicals want an end to civilized society. They want Sharia law.  Look at what is happening in the middle east right now.  Look at what happened a year ago in Benghazi.  We can go back further than that, but why?  Again, it's painful to look at because it's the worst parts of humanity.  It's real.

We can go into the theology of all this,  but here is the thing.   We are all made in God's image.  That's the good side of us.  The side that is heroic and runs to save people in a burning building.  The side that overcomes fear, to keep others safe.  We are also given free will.  God didn't want a bunch of mind numbed robots walking around.  He gave us the choice choose Him and choose life, or choose evil and choose death.  Far too many of us choose death.  When it happens, we suffer as a whole. 
I will say briefly, that there is a better way.  God made it by sending His Son to die for us all.  If you want to know about it, here is a passage that might help you.  It's pretty simple, actually it's very simple: Romans 10

So today, while we remember September 11.  Pray for wisdom to see through the conspiracies.   Pray for the people all over the world who are being oppressed by radical Islam.  Christians who are being killed because they will not renounce their faith in countries like Egypt and Syria.  Churches that are being burned down.  Pray for the children who live under such brutality.   Pray for freedom for these people.  Not just American freedom, freedom in God. While you're praying, thank God for your freedom, because as September 11 showed me, it's not to be taken for granted.

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