Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where's the Outrage? Or, not...

It seems like every day there is another new reason to be outraged.  Whether it's some former teen star acting a fool or some dumb political decision being made in Washington.  Maybe some athlete has done the, dare I say it, UNTHINKABLE!  Like it's really unthinkable.  Are we surprised at anything anymore?

Am I the only one just getting worn out and tire with the outrage side of things?  I've even heard a major sports network this week have a moment of outrage that it might SNOW during the Super Bowl!  Are we really outraged or are we just jumping on the most recent media bandwagon?  It's almost like the media guides us to have conversations about hot button items.

I mean, what are we gonna do about these things we are outraged about?  We constantly complain, rage, whine... you name it, about the newest outrage.  We say, "I can't believe..., but how often do we vow to change it?

Maybe we could start by not putting celebrities and athletes on a pedestal.  They are people.  They have a talent.  That's it.  In some cases the talent did not come with common sense, decency, self control, etc...  Well, let's face it, in a lot of cases it didn't.

We could be thankful for the many gifts we have, like family.  We could spend a little more time working on the next generation and less worrying about someone elses kid start that has gone bad.  We could use the time to explain to our kids how they should act as responsible adults and maybe even emulate that behavior to them.

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