Friday, June 1, 2012

New Market Rebels

Well, summer is here.  Although, I don't know how.  I mean, weren't we just celebrating Christmas?!  Alas, it's here, whether we time traveled here or not.  I'm just floating the time travel idea to explain how time is flying.  There is no scientific proof it's true, just a hunch!

Anyway, summer brings much fun.  Summer also brings baseball.  Which brings me to a big announcement.  We will be selling tickets for the New Market Rebels this summer.  The New Market Rebels play in an all wooden bat summer league called the VBL.  On a personal level, I have known two young men who have played in the VBL.  The games I saw when they played were some of the best baseball I have ever seen!

I have asked a friend of mine to guest blog on the Valley League.  She graciously agreed and her post will be here tomorrow.  She has a blog called The Fair Base Ballist and I highly suggest you read it, especially if you like baseball.  Elizabeth is an outstanding writer and I believe she could get anyone to, at the very least, appreciate baseball.  Most likely, she will make you a fan.  She can explain the Valley Baseball League far better than I can even attempt and so I will leave it to her.

In the mean time, tickets are here.  They are $5 for adults $2 for children 12-under.  We have schedules posted.  Also, kids in little league wearing jersey and hat, get in free.  I said kids for those of you adults who just thought about trying to wear your old little league jersey to get in free!

Not the Rebels stadium, but you get the idea!  credit:

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