Saturday, February 4, 2012

Many complaints, but...

I hear a lot of complaints about the Commonwealth of Virginia's management of resources.  I plan to write a more in-depth post about this soon.  There are definitely good points from folks on this issue!  I am a huge fan of old fashioned common sense and many of my customers seem to have it!

Anyway, just a quick funny story from this week.  After hearing an earful about the states ineptitude in trout stocking, the local stream was finally stocked.  All I can say, is people must have been calling to complain about the lack of stocking.  For the first time in memory, I had several people tell me they caught state citation size brook trout!  Even had a customer tell me he saw them putting those fish in and thought they had put the equivalent of two truck loads.  Sometimes, you can chalk up talk to fishing stories, but in this case, it looks to be true.  Hopefully, the fish will spread out further from where they were stocked and the weather will keep folks from being on the river to assist in this.  Not so the fish will not be caught, but so they can be caught longer than a couple days!

Either way, for one day, there were no complaints.

Brook Trout

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