Thursday, August 25, 2011

Limestone sinkers and good company...

Today I received a banner for my window in the mail from a company called RockyBrook Sinkers. Let me tell you about this company.  They make a sinker out of limestone!

 I saw a commercial for them on one of the fishing shows.  You know, the kind that they never miss a fish and catch lunkers all day?  Yeah, that's reality for everyone who fishes!  I wish.  Any way I scrambled around for paper and copied down their number.  A couple days later I was talking with Brook of RockyBrook Sinkers.  He is a fisherman and came up with this idea after getting traditional lead weights snagged all the time.  American ingenuity!

Brook is a down to earth guy.  I imagine he's like a lot of my customers.  He loves to fish and works hard so he can do so.  He's always been kind to me and even made sure my first order was sent express so I could have the product for a kids fishing day I was attending!  He threw in some stickers and freebies to hand out to the kids as well.  Brook didn't have to send me a banner.  I didn't ask for it, but he sent it to help me sell his product.  He has also given a shout out to our store on his Facebook Page!

The problem with the sporting goods industry is that small businesses don't seem to exist.  A lot of the larger companies buy out smaller companies if they are any kind of competition, or even worse, they copy their product.  You never talk to the same person when you deal with a distributor.  Many of them are going to computer ordering only.  It's impersonal.  They have no idea about my business, my life, etc...  Everyone is looking for the bigger stores and the large amounts they order.  A little store like mine just doesn't matter.  That's where a business like RockyBrook is so refreshing.  I am thankful for ma and pop businesses like Brook's.  When I can, I will give them my business before I give it to a huge corporation.

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