Friday, October 12, 2012

Is This Just Me?

Good night!  It's October already.  Where in the world did this year go?  I know I have talked about this before, but does anyone else feel like time is literally flying by?  I think the weather jolted me.  I mean, it was nice and fall like last week.  Monday, I literally thought it was going to snow.  I am serious.  Even the weather is moving faster than normal!  I remember a few years ago when my son was playing pee-wee football and I was able to wear shorts until almost the end of October.  Shoot, I'm not even sure we had winter last year.  I remember snow, but it lasted about 5 seconds.  It's a weather fact people.

So, if winter is finally coming, I have a proposal for it.  First, winter, we need cold weather.  I mean a month of what my grandfather would call "bitter cold".  We need the ground to get cold enough to kill off some of these nasty bugs.  I have never seen mosquitos like this year.  They are bigger than your average hummingbird!  No joke.  So winter, bring some cold, as much as it pains me to say this.  Secondly, I think it's time for a good snow.  One of those snows that shuts down the area for a couple days.  I figure that will slow us all down.  We'll spend some time with our families.  Get to know our neighbors better as we dig our driveways out.  Of course, first we'll all make the obligatory mad dash to the neighborhood grocery where we will buy copious amounts of toilet paper, milk, bread, and any type of snack we will need if we get snowed in.  Just as an aside, why do we all do this when it snows?  I mean, this type of "snowed in" we're preparing for would be something out of Little House On the Prairie, where you literally can't even walk out the door because the snow is so deep.  I think we have more tools to clean up snow than they did when the Ingalls were alive.  This is the 21st century after all.

Remember this kind of snow?  2009 storm

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