Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's For the Kids, but Not in America...

Hello friends!  Spring is upon us and so is my most busy time of the year.  I have already had several shirt orders, including some snazzy looking Woods Sporting Goods softball shirts!  We are working on a couple of shirt orders right now for teams.  I would like to tell you about one of them.

A friend, Tim, called me a couple weeks ago to ask if I would help him gather football uniforms for a school in Thailand.  Yes, I said Thailand.  No, I'm not talking about soccer.  Yes, I know soccer is called football in the rest of the world.  OK, OK, American football!  Ok, are we all on the same page now?  Good.  You see, Tim, has a friend that was a successful businessman, etc...  He gave it all up.  Sold it all, and started a school in Thailand for kids who would otherwise be involved in things kids should not even have to think of.  From what Tim tells me the school is doing amazing things in the lives of these kids.  Tim's, friend decided they have learned a lot of things, but he would like to teach them American football.

This is where I need your help.  Although these kids are high school age, they are not high school size by any means.  They will fit in youth size.  If you, or anyone you know, has old football uniforms from youth league we are looking for donations to send over to the school.  We need everything: jerseys, pants and pads, helmets, old cleats, shoulder pads.  I'm not just asking you to do this and keeping out of it myself.  Our family has gathered up some old uniforms, shoes and our store has gathered up pants, pads, mouth guards.  We have even had a customer donate several pairs of pants and pads.  The local rec dept is going to donate some pants and pads.  If you can help.  Email us at: Woods Sporting Goods  We need these by the end of April to send out the first of May.  I thank you in advance.

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