Friday, March 9, 2012

Good News is Good News

Soooo, I recently posted about litter.  I also asked for some pics of litter in your area.  No pressure, but I still haven't received any!  Just sayin!

Anyway, I went fishing on Weds.  Oh, I love fishing, but trout fishing?  Not so much.  They stock them.  You go fish.  It's like a lab experiment.  Ok, Ok, I know rabbit trail!  Anyway, I think someone read my blog.  At least, I would love to think I changed the world that way! Honestly, I think people just are as fed up as me with litter!  Check out what I found hanging on a tree:
If you look close, you can see some beer bottles right past the bag.
View of the creek on the other side.


Yes!  I was so happy I had to pull out my phone and take some pics.  Which reminds me.  I need to start carrying my camera if I'm gonna take good pics.  The phone is ok, but not as good as my camera.

I'll leave you with this pic.  This is the reason I don't want to see litter.  Isn't this beautiful?  The sun is just starting to touch the water.  Again, sorry about the picture quality, it was my phone...


  1. So sad to see the litter. After reading the many posts in Blogalina...I actually felt that your post made an impact, because I was more aware of the trash around! Although, I don't think that I will be taking pictures any time soon of it. I actually haven't seen that much in our area, but we are in the backwoods!

  2. Dori, thanks so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Boy was that an event, huh? I think I have never read or typed so much in a small amount of time!

    We live in a rural area as well and I'm always surprised at the amount of litter. I know sometimes it blows out of something, but I also know some of it is just thrown out of vehicles.