Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spend The Time Now!

We have all heard, or seen, the ugly side of life.  You know, when parents get older and family starts fighting over money, their care, etc...  I have come to the conclusion that part of this is due to our kids/family not really understanding us.  I think if we all spent more time in the outdoors with each other, and less at home vegging, much of this could be solved.

Let's face it, we live in a society that is dominated by electronics and the ability to be in constant contact.  There is a commercial out right now for a truck.  In the commercial, the guys are traveling around with their cell phone in the air.  One will say, "Now?" and the guy holding the phone shakes his head no.  They continue this throughout the entire commercial until they get to the end and the guy with the phone says, "Finally!"  While this commercial is about how the truck can get you to these places, it brings up a bigger question- Should we get away from technology every so often?  I think the answer is clearly, YES!  There is a problem with being constantly in contact.  There should be some time where the only people you have to talk to is your family and God.  Who knows what you have all been to busy to talk about lately?  You may even find out something new about them, or maybe some struggle they are going through.

My favorite form of this is fishing.  Taking your cell phone fishing is a big no-no!  Water and electricity do not get along well.  My form does not have to be your form of getting away.  You could go hike for the day.  You could go for a camping trip.  How about hunting?  Bird or nature watching.  How about the beach?  How about just a walk, or a game of basketball, wiffleball, football?  Anything where you have to put your phone down and get away from it.

When you are out and away, you can really talk.  There are no distractions.  Tell stories about your youth.  Let the kids tell you what is going on in their life right now.  Does this have to be some serious minded discussion like something from an After School Movie? (just showed my age there) No.  This is just being a family.  Maybe if we knew each other better, we wouldn't assume things about one another.  Maybe, we would feel comfortable asking tough questions when we need to.  We would know each other so deeply that there would not be questions about each others character.

Life is passing by us all so quickly.  The same technology that has promised to make our lives easier is, actually, making us fill every moment of our day with something.  So today, why don't you plan something with your family this year?  Plan to go hiking when the weather warms.  Or, if you live somewhere where the weather is warm, go do something on your off time with your family this week.  I can remember so many special moments with my family.  Sometimes is was just a cookout with family over, or at their house.  I remember my parents taking us sightseeing or to a huge state park for the day.  I doubt that late in life I will reminisce about playing Words With Friends on my phone with any such delight, or great feelings.