Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Heat Is ON!

Wow, so after we all begged and pleaded this winter for it to come to an end, Summer is here!  Boy, is Summer here!  As I write this blog, it is almost 100 degrees outside.  It's been in the 90's for the last week.  On top of that, people have been out of power over the last week due to a tremendous storm that came through the area!  So of course we hear all these warnings about excessive heat and so forth, but really, what did we used to do when we had heat like this?

I don't ever remember looking up the weather when I was a kid.  In the summer we just played!  If it was really hot, we went to the pool.  I do remember in the heat of the day being in the house sometimes, but not all the time!  What has happened?  I guess I've gotten used to a/c.  I know I'm a lot bigger than I was then.  The thing is now we have "breathable" fabrics, sports drinks, central air everywhere, etc.  Are we all maybe just pampered?

People are talking about the work ethic in our country and the lack of it.  Well, maybe it starts with the play ethic.  If we came in and out of the house when I was a kid, we were yelled out.  Something about air conditioning the world, blah, blah, blah... stay in or out blah, blah, blah...  Anyway, you did not want the latter to happen.  Stay in?!  Never!  That meant soap operas with grandma or possibly A NAP!  No way were you going to stay in!  So we were out and playing.  Yeah, maybe sometimes in the shade.  Yeah, sometimes just cards while we all sat on a blanket and talked, but we were out.  We played softball, kick the can, hide and seek... you name it.  You know what?  We survived.  We had fun.  We also learned to tune our ears to the distinct sound of the ice cream truck bell and then chased after it, in the heat! 

I just took a ride around our town to drop off something.  I saw 2 kids riding bikes.  Play ethic needs to be back in effect!

Just a reminder of what comes in winter

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